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"The way is in training." ~ Miyamoto Musashi

Kadena De Mano, Arnis De Mano, Mano Y Mano, Self Defense

Welcome to the ITO: Join the tribe, walk the path, and awaken the Eskrimador within you.

Imagine standing at the base of a majestic mountain, its peak shrouded in the mists of possibility. This mountain is your journey in the Inayan System of Eskrima (ISE), a path that leads not just to the summit of martial prowess, but to the peak of your full potential. This is the Inayan Way, the journey from Self Defense, to Eskrimador (practitioner), to Inayan Eskrimador.

"Inayan was founded by Mangisursuro Mike Inay, my father, the Founder of the Inayan System of Eskrima and the Inayan Training Organization (ITO). Mangisursuro is an Ilocano (a dialect in the Philipines) word for "the one who is teaching" and Inayan is his legacy to the world. Mike Inay is the architect of Filipino Martial Arts in the modern era, and Eskrima (a general term for Filipino Martial Arts) was his greatest passion. Eskrima has been featured in movies like the Bourne franchise, John Wick, the Book of Eli, and recently in Dune (2021).

Eskrima means "To Fight" or "To Skirmish". An Eskrimador is a practitioner of Filipino Martial Arts, it's a latin derivated word meaning Sword Fighter.

I am Suro Jason Inay, "Suro" is the Ilocano verb "to teach", and I am the head of the Inayan System of Eskrima, the Executive Director of the Inayan Training Organization, inheritor to the Inayan Legacy, my family's legacy. And I invite you to join me." ~ Suro Jason Inay

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“The longest adventures start with a single step” ~ Inspired by Lao Tzu

“Precision is the Hallmark of Mastery” ~ Suro Jason Inay

Your journey begins with the first step, a step into a world where discipline and learning intertwine. As a practitioner, you tread a path laid out by generations of Eskrimadors before you. Each step is a lesson, each lesson an evolution. Here, under the guidance of the Grand Master of the Inayan System of Eskrima, Suro Jason Inay, you start to understand that this is more than martial arts; it's a quest for self-discovery.
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Serrada Escrima, Inayan Eskrima, Stick Fighting, Kali

"He who conquers others is strong; he who conquers himself is mighty." ~ Lao Tzu


“It is not in the knowing or the knowledge of the art, but in the doing of the art that makes one truly a warrior” ~ Mangisursuro Mike Inay

With your ascent, the path becomes steeper, the lessons more profound. No longer are you a  mere learner; you're an Eskrimador. Your skills in Eskrima sharpen, but so does your mind and spirit. You learn to see challenges not as obstacles, but as stepping stones. With each stride, you feel the changes from within, growing stronger, skillful, more formidable.
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“Men are much like swords, both are useless when they lose their temper” ~ Warrior Culture Proverb

The summit looms, proof of your discipline and dedication. It is here that your mettle is proven, something few dare, more than gaining skill you are gaining prowess. This isn’t about learning fancy fighting tricks or drills, it’s more than mere self defense and martial arts, because when you reach this height you have become an Inayan Eskrimador. You  have moved beyond mere practice and the art of Eskrima, it’s far beyond this, it’s the Inayan Way.
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"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity." ~ Sun Tzu

Community, Online Training, Certification

“Without honor there is no art, only pretenders in a brawl!” ~  Mangisursuro Mike Inay

The journey to the summit may be personal, but you're not alone. You have the Inayan Code of Conduct, and you're part of the Inayan tribe, a community of seekers and achievers. Together in live events and online training, you share stories, experiences, and wisdom, enriching each other's journeys.
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Welcome to the ISEtribe!

Every great story begins with a decision to embark on a journey. Your story awaits you with the ISEtribe. Let us guide you, inspire you, and walk with you on this transformative path. Embrace the journey, reach for the summit, and uncover the Inayan Eskrimador within you!

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"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new." ~ Socrates


Founded by Mangisursuro Mike Inay

Being a part of the Inayan Training Organization is being part of a legacy started by the Inay family, and the Inayan System of Eskrma is practiced in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
"Training with my father was one of the best things of my life, and I will always remember his lessons. I would love to share what he taught me and what I have learned since, with you. See you on the training floor!" ~ Suro Jason Inay
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Your Struggle is Real

In a world where schedules are tight and distractions abound, finding time for regular training can be a struggle. The challenge isn't just in attending classes; it's in maintaining a consistent practice amidst the demands of work, social life, and family commitments. How often have you missed training sessions due to these inevitable conflicts, feeling the frustration of disrupted progress? Fighting just to invest in yourself, grappling with the fight for your life, and everything seems against you being a better person."
Moreover, the social environments we navigate don’t always support us on our journey to our potential. Friends and family, though well-meaning, are not always on our side like they think they are or say they are, making it hard to persevere. How do you stay motivated when those around you don’t share your passion or see the value in your martial arts practice?
Additionally, many martial arts disciplines provide an excellent physical workout, offering a temporary escape from the stresses of daily life. But what happens when the class ends, the adrenaline subsides, and you're left facing the same challenges as before? A practice that focuses solely on physical exertion, without nurturing the mind and spirit, can leave a void. It might offer momentary relief, but does it equip you with the tools to handle life's complexities outside the dojo?
We can be easily enticed by high intensity training for self defense, the fad of the 1980’s and 1990’s. Rolling every night on your favorite training mat in your local grappling gym has its allure for sure, with the surge of the new millennium and the transition from NHB to MMA. But even that, when we are truly honest with ourselves quickly becomes apparent, when the illusion and adrenaline fades, is incomplete. Warrior cultures, true brotherhoods where war was their profession, sports and HIIT for Self Defense become known for what they truly are, what the Spartans called “katalepsis”, false courage. Then, as that hits you with all its might, you may realize you just need more.

These are Deep and Rough waters, and you're drowning

In the throes of everyday life, the disconnect between the training at your local MMA gym and the real-world challenges becomes starkly apparent. How does a rigorous workout translate when you're facing the unrelenting pressures of a demanding boss, whose expectations seem impossible to meet? Where does the physical discipline of martial arts fit when you return home to a partner's continuous criticisms or the emotional turmoil of navigating relationships?
Consider the moments when your children's actions, driven by youthful impulsiveness and hormonal changes, test the limits of your patience. Where do the techniques and strategies learned in the gym stand in these situations? The reality is, while traditional martial arts training might give you a momentary escape, it often falls short in equipping you with the emotional resilience and mental fortitude needed to face these relentless, everyday stressors.
The modern world is a relentless barrage of challenges - work stress, relationship struggles, parenting trials - all demanding a level of composure and wisdom that a mere physical regimen cannot provide. The gap between the skills acquired in a martial arts class and the tools needed to navigate the complexities of real life becomes glaringly evident. The question looms large: Is there a practice that not only prepares you physically but also strengthens your mental and emotional resilience to face life head-on?

Heed the Call and Transform Struggle into Strength: join the ISEtribe

The Inayan Way is a solution that is more than martial arts training, embodying an ethos akin to the revered codes of ancient warrior cultures. Just as the samurai lived by Bushido and knights upheld the Code of Chivalry, the Inayan System of Eskrima is anchored in the Inayan Code of Conduct. This code is more than a set of rules; it's a comprehensive philosophy for life, advocating peace through adversity, strength through discipline, and wisdom through understanding.
Unlike the path of the artist, which seeks to capture and evoke emotion through expression, or the businessman, who navigates the world through financial acumen and profit, the Inayan Way offers a different journey. It's a stark contrast to the politician, who moves through compromise and influence, or the priest, who seeks understanding in solitude and tranquility. Even the farmer, who nurtures life for sustenance, follows a path distinct from that of the warrior.
The Inayan warrior's path is unique. It's a journey that teaches not just physical skills, but mental resilience, emotional balance, and ethical strength. In the face of life's tumultuous challenges - be it in the boardroom, at home, or in any of life's arenas - the Inayan Eskrimador stands equipped not only with self-defense techniques but with a mindset forged by the Inayan Code. This mindset empowers you to face adversity with calmness, make decisions with clarity, and live a purposeful life that transcends the ordinary.
In embracing the Inayan Way, you're not merely joining a martial arts class; you're embarking on a transformative journey that aligns your physical prowess with your inner strength. It's a path that cultivates peace within, enabling you to navigate the complexities of modern life with the wisdom, serenity, and resilience of a true warrior. The Inayan Way prepares you not just for the physical battles, but for the mental and emotional challenges that define our existence.
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"Hi I am Jason, I learned from my Dad and Uncles, and I am going to be your teacher" 

In a world where violence is commonplace, my life has been shaped by the art of Eskrima, a legacy from my family of martial artists. I am a fifth generation Eskrimador, of all the arts I have trained in and gained proficiency in Eskrima will always be my first love. Growing up, every uncle was a mentor, shaping my journey through discipline and passion for Filipino Martial Arts. As head of the Inayan System of Eskrima and founder of the Spyder Dumog System, my path has been rewarding, but also fraught with many trials and tribulations. It's woven through years as a security professional, handling intense altercations with calm and precision, and as a bounty hunter and law enforcement professional, where real-world encounters honed my skills beyond the training provided by my father and uncles.
My name is Jason Inay, Suro Jason Inay, and I am an Inayan Eskrimador.
My first official lesson in Eskrima was in 1979, but my dad was showing me things as only a father could years before that. I have been teaching individuals and group lessons since 1992. My journey has taken me around the world, from the US to the UAE, and just about every point between it seems like. These travels have not only refined my martial arts techniques but have also deepened my understanding of the warrior’s ethos, balancing tradition with innovation. Teaching internationally has allowed me to impart the Inayan Way's traditions, sharing my insight and passion to people who have not only been better for the exchange, but also protected their own lives in real world applications in some cases. This global experience has been pivotal in my evolution as a teacher, spreading the rich legacy of my family's martial arts system worldwide.
Training the Inayan Way is more than a practice in the physical realm of martial arts; it's a calling to a higher self, a journey of transformation. It's not just about mastering Inayan Eskrima; it's about mastering life. My father taught me, to learn the Inayan System of Eskrima is to engage in the study for understanding, understanding of the human condition under duress. This is sometimes referred to as Hoplology in some circles.  As we walk this path together, we're not just learning to strike or defend; we're learning to navigate the challenges of modern life with grace and strength.
So, to you seeking more than just a physical workout, but yearning for a guide in the tumult of life, I extend an invitation. Join me, join us, in the ISEtribe. Here, you'll find more than a community; you'll discover a new way of being, a path to your truest potential, as an Eskrimador.
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"I came to learn, be happy, and be my best"

"My name is Patrick and the best moments of my life have happened in the times I have been training under Suro Jason Inay."
"I started training under Suro while in High School in Los Gatos, California. I left the area to attend UC Davis and then to Olin Business School in St.Louis, Missouri to attend one of the most prestigious programs in the world. I did what I had set out to do, I got a job I was proud of! When the excitement and sense of accomplishment faded, I found myself miserable.
I asked Suro if I could come back and without hesitation he opened the door, and always answered when I called.
I recall that when I reached out to return, he answered, and I said "I was only truly happy when I was training with you, can I come back?"
It was the middle of the pandemic: he told me that he was not sure he wanted to teach anyone anymore. He said yes to me and I have enjoyed every moment I have spent with him.
I have never looked back."

Capoeira Mestre Loren Due

"I started training the Suro Jason Inay in March 2005 after an extensive search for an Eskrima  master. At the time I was already teaching martial arts and decided I needed to learn weapons. Once I started training with Suro Inay, he changed my perspective of martial arts. Suro Jason Inay taught me to become a better teacher."

Inayan Kadua Guro Christian Mähringer

"My name is Christian Mähringer and I have been part of the Inayan System of Eskrima under Suro Jason Inay for more than 20 years. In the last years more and more as an instructor for my (new) students.
For me, the Inayan System of Eskrima has always been a seamless system. Especially through the combination of the individual styles with their concepts and intentions. The training philosophy, mainly from basics to technique, to reflex training to free application to sparring has always been stringent and transferable to other martial arts or things in normal life. 
While in my time it took a long time to get from basics and techniques to reflex and free movements, Suro Jason Inay has made a great contribution by compressing the training content to the essentials, so that now every newcomer can achieve faster success within just a few weeks. 
The new training concept is more intuitive and easier to learn. It puts the beginner more quickly in the situation to be able to participate in reflex training and thus to be able to fight more quickly. 
Within a few training sessions, the student can thus be placed in a dynamic environment. Techniques and basics can now be improved more situationally. The compression also opens up time resources to focus on other subject themes, such as the combination of the styles for distances or how they can be adopted to beat each other. 
 Another important step was taken with the move to digitization. Now it is possible for every Eskrimador at every level to get in touch with the entire community and to be able to call up content at any time and train independently.
 I am happy and proud to be involved in this further development of the system and I am convinced that it has a great influence on the Inayan System of Eskrima and contributes significantly to spreading Eskrima permanently. I would like to thank Suro Jason Inay, my instructors and all the trainers for the years of support and everything I have been able to learn so far"

Decuerdas Guro Eric Oztochane Wlather

"Good day all, my name is Eric Oztochane Walther who for the better part of 20+ years has been a student of the Arts. Through this journey I have had the honor of earning a 2 nd dan in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, a 5 th dan in Lua (Hawaiian Martial Art) and the title of Guru (instructor) in the art of Decuerdas Eskrima which allowed me the opportunity to travel the world with my instructors to teach.
Throughout this time, I have actively trained under Suro Inay and shared space with him on a personal level in Spain, Portugal, and US where I immediately noticed how special this family art was. Feeling and experiencing the deep roots of the Inayan System of Eskrima as it was intended to be expressed was eye opening. I was drawn in and never left…
Being part of the Inayan System of Eskrima (ISE) has been transformative to say the least. The professionalism and structured approach to learning this family system is unique and of the highest quality which not only fosters physical prowess but also interpersonal development and a resilient mindset. What sets this organization apart is the inclusive environment that values every member's contribution to the evolution of the arts and Suro Jason Inay’s (successor and head of ISE) unwavering commitment to each student’s success. The accessibility of Suro Inay and the ISE instructors speaks volumes about the commitment to each student's growth and wellbeing. Moreover, the emphasis on safety creates an environment where one can challenge limits fearlessly while receiving the highest quality of instruction. This is not always the case, which I can speak to from personal experience.
I’m more than proud to be part of a community that not only
has honed my skills but has also nurtured the development of my character.
In this spirit, Suro Inay opened the doors for me to train with his uncles that were of the era of Jason’s father, the late Mangisursuro Mike Inay, who he learned from as a young boy. What a gift is all I can say…
I was also allowed to help him demonstrate in the published ISE instructional videos and accepted into the ITO Instructor
Association and the ISE Instructor program.

My family and I are internally grateful to the Inayan family for what they represent in the Martial Arts world and thank Suro Jason Inay for not only carrying on his family’s art, but for also being a good relative who we can count on both on and off the mat."


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