Testimonials from two Guros

Jun 25, 2023

Inayan Guro Loren Due:

I started training the Suro Jason Inay in March 2005 after an extensive search for an Eskrima  master. At the time I was already teaching martial arts and decided I needed to learn weapons. Once I started training with Suro Inay he changed my perspective of martial arts. Suro Jason Inay taught me to become a better teacher. 


The Instructor Training Course provided me tools to help my students learn faster. They are able to process complex concept at a faster rate. My students are able to maintain g steady growth and not experience plateaus. The Instructor Training Course provides the student with the necessary skills to become more effective teachers regardless the martial art or material.


Inayan Kadua Guro Christian Mähringer:

My name is Christian Mähringer and I have been part of the Inayan System of Eskrima under Suro Jason Inay for more than 20 years. In the last years more and more as an instructor for my (new) students.

For me, the Inayan System of Eskrima has always been a seamless system. Especially through the combination of the individual styles with their concepts and intentions. The training philosophy, mainly from basics to technique, to reflex training to free application to sparring has always been stringent and transferable to other martial arts or things in normal life. 

While in my time it took a long time to get from basics and techniques to reflex and free movements, Suro Jason Inay has made a great contribution by compressing the training content to the essentials, so that now every newcomer can achieve faster success within just a few weeks. 

The new training concept is more intuitive and easier to learn. It puts the beginner more quickly in the situation to be able to participate in reflex training and thus to be able to fight more quickly. 

Within a few training sessions, the student can thus be placed in a dynamic environment. Techniques and basics can now be improved more situationally. The compression also opens up time resources to focus on other subject themes, such as the combination of the styles for distances or how they can be adopted to beat each other. 


Another important step was taken with the move to digitization. Now it is possible for every Eskrimador at every level to get in touch with the entire community and to be able to call up content at any time and train independently.


I am happy and proud to be involved in this further development of the system and I am convinced that it has a great influence on the Inayan System of Eskrima and contributes significantly to spreading Eskrima permanently. I would like to thank Suro Jason Inay, my instructors and all the trainers for the years of support and everything I have been able to learn so far

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