2023 Germany Inayan Training with Suro Jason Inay recap

Jan 14, 2024

I have been teaching in Aachen Germany since 2000, and I love visiting here. The students are dedicated, and extremely loyal, their initial group leader and teacher was Inayan Guro Simone Schloetels. Guro Simone was a very dedicated student of my father, Mangisursuro Mike Inay, and the group has always been staunchly supportive to the Inayan Training Organization and the Inayan System of Eskrima.

We worked on Jogo Todo combos, the Serrada Cross, Serrada Basics, Max's Karenza, Double Stick (Inayan Siniwali) and so much more. We even got a little time to work on Spyder Dumog System material too. Kadua Guro Christian and Kadua Guro Katja have been working allot with the group here, as well as supporting our guys in Portugal who come to visit and train with the group too.. 

There was over 20 hours of training completed in a week, and we had beginners participating as well as students that have been training for 10 or more years in Inayan Eskrima.

In Pfungstadt with GM Klaus' students we did a two day seminar again, as this is the second time I have had the privilege of teaching and training with this great group of individuals. We most focused on Inayan Serrada Eskrima but we also touched on Inayan Largo Mano (Cinco Teros Escrima) as well as some Inayan Kadena De Mano (Sarmiento-Inay). We also got to go the carnival that was happening at the same time for the area, a kind of County Fair.

I love teaching Serrada to people, the simplicity of it, yet the depth for those who would humble themselves to look beyond the surface of the art. It was such a fun time there at GM Klaus' school!

Teaching people of varied skill levels and sets poses it's own challenges. I had a lot of fun learning about the programs taught at this school and how to creatively bridge the Inayan traditions over to how they do things so that everyone could learn a bit faster, and have a lot more fun!

The most important part would have to be the camaraderie and fellowship of working with people, spending time with them, eating with them. Part of the value of being in the Inayan Training Organization is that it is bigger than just one person or one school, but a global community of like minded people. Friends, family, and training partners!

It was great fun, and it was both an honor, and a fulfillment of obligation, two things Mangisursuro emphasized with his students, with me.

Suro Inay

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