Tuesday Eskrima and Self Defense Los Gatos Ca Feb 20 2024

filipino martial arts inayan system of eskrima self defense Feb 20, 2024

Today was an in office day for me, so commute. Didn't have time to do a podcast for the youtube channel. But I did get a chance to run, and this morning I did my lifts.

Class covered Inayan Serrada Eskrima, and we focused on building basic countering and then reflex training. I think sometimes people miss the importance of building reflex training and always just want to fight. There are so many reasons why working through reflex training to develop skill under duress, while also learning to manage stress in order maintain a calm resourceful state.

See you on the training floor,

Suro Jason Inay

Warrior Quote for the Day:

"True strength lies not in the might of one's arm, but in the unwavering spirit that refuses to yield, even when the odds are stacked against them."

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